3 ways to lose belly fat. Take your pick

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So, you’ve read about diet secrets, yoga asanas, tips and tricks, and everything else about weight loss. But, do you find that nothing really seems to work for you? Okay, then. To begin with, all you need to do is swear by Milind Soman’s words: “Be regular and be patient.” Your next step is, choose your jam. Is it yoga, zumba or weight-training at the gym? And, if you are confused about that as well, we are here to help.

IndiaToday.in spoke to three fitness enthusiasts who shared their thoughts about yoga, zumba and gym respectively, at length. Do read what they have to say and take your pick for losing weight. And, then, just remember that consistency is key, as Milind says, “There is no substitute for hard work.”


Sheetal Kharka emphasised that yoga is not just limited to asanas.

Yoga, as most fitness enthusiasts would agree, is something that you must incorporate into your schedule if you are all for holistic living. But, does that mean yoga is not really a good option for weight loss? Delhi-based yoga coach Sheetal Kharka said, “I know that everybody wants to lose weight, and they try different methods. It is wrong to consider yoga as a weight loss method and promote it that way; it is not. However, regular yoga practice helps you have an excellent digestion system, improved blood circulation, and improved circulation of oxygen to every part of your body. The result is regeneration of new cells and tissues, and one is healthy within. Having a well-toned and flexible body is the bi-product of practising yoga.”

Also, Sheetal added that the results might take some time but she specified, “one should not expect instant results.”

She, in fact, emphasised that yoga is not just limited to asanas. “People ignore breathing exercises. With breathing practice, one can influence the mind and body.”


Weight training is of great help, Jinnie Gogia Chugh said. (Photo credit: Varun Tyagi)

We are what we eat, is a line that you must have read in several articles on weight loss. True that, as every gym trainer will ask you to control your diet while maintaining a strict workout schedule. However, rest assured that gymming will help you lose weight pretty fast. If you are consistent, that is, of course.

Jinnie Gogia Chugh, holistic wellness coach, said, “As we mostly consume carbohydrates, weight training is of great help. There are specific core exercises that will help you target the lower abdomen. Weight training will strengthen the core and will be of major help in reducing belly fat. But, of course, your calorie intake plays an important role.”


Leher Sethi said zumba is high on energy.

If you love dancing though, we’d recommend zumba, which is a fitness program involving cardio and Latin-inspired dance. Delhi-based zumba instructor Leher Sethi said that she has tried several exercises but realised over time that zumba works best for her.

“It’s a fun way to dance while burning calories and toning down the muscles. Zumba combines various core exercises like squats and incorporates them into a new dance fitness routine which variates in intensity. It’s a combination of aerobics and simple dance steps and is great for the cardiovascular system. The best part is that one is having so much fun dancing to the music that it doesn’t even feel like working out. Zumba is high on energy and positivity and can be addictive once you get a hang of it. Unlike gymming where one needs fancy equipment, here one doesn’t need any props,” Leher said.

Well, sounds interesting for sure. So, what’s your pick for weight loss?


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