Impressed by twig toothbrushes, Umar Ahmed launched a bamboo brush firm

Delly Bezoss

Umar Ahmed flashes pearly white tooth at any time when he smiles. 

Rising up in Somalia, Umar didn’t go to the dentist. He brushed his tooth with a miswak twig, a fats stick roughly the size of a plastic toothbrush. The twigs develop on Salvadora persica bushes native to India, the Center East, and Africa which might be generally often known as toothbrush bushes. 

When Umar moved to america at age 16, dentists complimented his excellent tooth. 

“Every time I am going to the dentist, they are saying, ‘Hey, Umar, your gums are wholesome and the whole lot appears to be like high-quality. What do you employ to brush your tooth?’ And I say, ‘Solely miswak,’ ” stated Umar, 41, who nonetheless makes use of miswak. weather/umar-ahmed-miswak-bamboo-toothbrush-somali-immigrant/

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