Jessica Simpson Opens Up After 100LB Weight Loss: ‘A Woman’s Body Is Phenomenal In What It Can Do’

Delly Bezoss

Jessica Simpson has been a successful figure in the music, movie, and fashion industries and as such, has had all manner of publicity over the years, some of which has poked fun at the star (remember the chicken of the sea debacle?). This public scrutiny would be enough to knock the best of us off our game, and Simpson has certainly had her struggles over the years. However, she’s remained successful and has even lost a 100 lbs. recently! She’s now opening up about her significant weight loss and is giving all women props by acknowledging how “phenomenal” their bodies are in what they can accomplish.

While speaking with People, Jessica Simpson embraced all the things women’s bodies can do, stating that she always celebrates her body no matter what size she is. After having three children, Simpson has seen her body do some wondrous things. Here is what she says in reverence of the female form:

I always celebrate my body. The fact that it made children is unreal, … but you just don’t ever think you’re going to fit back into things. It’s crazy. A woman’s body is phenomenal in what it can do.

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