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  • 1200mg premium raspberry ketones

    1200mg Premium Raspberry Ketones (from Fruit Extract)

    Raspberry Ketones are the primary aromatic substance found in raspberries which give them their distinctive smell.   Ketones are the phenolic compounds extracted from raspberries. The word ”phenolic” represents a class of natural substances that are found in plants. IMPORTANT: Our Raspberry Ketones use only EU authorised raw ingredients, and extraction ...
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  • carbplex plus weight loss supplement weight management

    CarbPlex Plus – Medically Approved Carb Blocker

    Carbplex-Plus is appropriate for general weight control or for the prevention and treatment of obesity. The product lessens calorie intake from long-chain carbohydrates of the diet, thereby decreasing the glycaemic index of a meal. It also delays the recurring feeling of hunger after a meal by regulating blood sugar levels ...
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  • best chitosan and calcium food supplement

    Chitosan and Calcium

    Chitosan is derived from chitin found in the exoskeleton of shellfish. In this form it is believed to have a wide range of interesting properties. In addition to Chitosan, our formulation includes Calcium which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and aids the normal function of digestive enzymes.
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  • Best meal replacement shakes

    Slim-me Meal Replacement Shakes – 2 week supply! (420g)

    As part of a diet program one serving of Slim Me contains 1/3 of the daily vitamins and minerals requirement in addition to top-quality protein (20 g/serving) and amounts to only 230 kcal. In line with a low calorie diet Slim Me supports weight reduction.  (The experience may vary from ...
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