best green tea extract with polyphenols
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1000mg Green Tea Extract including Polyphenols

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Powerful 5:1 extract that is the equivalent to 1000mg Green Tea in a single tablet!

Provides potent levels of EGCG

Easy to swallow capsule form


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What is Green Tea?

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Green Tea is made from the camellia sinensis plant. The leaves of this plant contain potent levels of several types of polyphenols, in particular flavonoids.

The most potent flavonoids in green tea include the catechin epigallocatechingallate (EGCG).  Much of the scientific research around green tea has focused on the role EGCG may play in the maintenance of health.

It is believed that green tea leaves started being used by people in China more than 3,000 years ago and was initially chewed or eaten, in just the same way that coffee was first used by people in Ethiopia.

All teas are derived from the same plant, but green tea (unlike black tea) is not fermented. This means the main parts, such as polyphenols, remain unaffected in the herb.

Polyphenols, the class of phytochemicals found in high concentrations in grapes, wine and green tea are amongst nature’s most potent, naturally occurring compounds.

Why should you buy Green Tea tablets?

We make our green tea tablets using a high grade green tea extract of premium quality, specially formulated to provide high levels of polyphenols.

Each tablet contains 200mg of green tea and 80mg of catechin epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

But with our 5:1 extract that is the equivalent to 1000mg green tea in a single tablet!

This Green Tea tablet is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

best green tea extract with polyphenols

Will Green Tea Help Me?

Eureka Supplements recommends that all our customers are as informed as possible and we believe that one of the best places for independent information is

Click here to read about Green Tea Catechins

(Eureka are in no way affiliated or associated with, we just believe that their information is comprehensive and unbiased which allows our customers to make better informed decisions)

What's in this Green Tea Supplement?

  Per Tablet
Green Tea Extract (5:1) 200mg
40% Catechins  

Green Tea 5:1 Extract

Bulking Agents: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Di Calcium Phosphate; Modified Maize Starch

Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Stearate.

Take one tablet a day, with an evening meal.
It is recommended that weight management products are taken as part of a calorie controlled meal plan.

If you’re looking where to buy Green Tea pills, Green Tea Supplements, Green Tea for weight loss or Green Tea Tablets then Eureka Supplement’s unique Green Tea extract is a great Green Tea supplement to support your lifestyle goals.

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    Victoria Sullivan

    Been taking Green Tea Pills for a while, I like these a lot and will be buying again.

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