Winter Everett’s Weight-Loss Secrets Revealed

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The Family Chantel’s Winter Everett has been working hard to achieve her weight loss goals. She has dropped 50 pounds using three different methods.

Winter Everett from The Family Chantel has dropped over 50 pounds in the past year, and her weight-loss secrets have now been revealed. The 27-year-old reality star is one of the most loved cast members on the show. Fans appreciate her realistic, sweet personality and find her much more relatable than the main cast members, like Chantel Jimeno and Pedro Jimeno. In the last season of The Family Chantel, viewers saw Winter in a state of constant emotional stress while she broke up with her long-term boyfriend, Jah.

The couple was together for seven years, but Jah had concealed his son from Winter. 90 Day Fiancé viewers also had a bad feeling about Jah when he asked his girlfriend to follow the rules of his church and follow a biblical diet. Even though Winter seemed deeply in love with her boyfriend, she eventually decided to call off her engagement with him. Shortly after that, she started focusing on her health and body, and a few months ago, she revealed her newly transformed figure on social media.


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Chantel’s younger sister, Winter has tried a couple of things to lose weight. The preview of The Family Chantel season 4 revealed that she decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery just like other 90 Day Fiancé stars Tiffany Franco and Angela Deem. Fans saw Chantel and her mother, Karen Everett, by Winter’s side in Mexico while she underwent the procedure. While Karen said, “This is it, there’s no turning back now,” Chantel tried to be a supportive older sister and told Winter that everything would be okay. According to the nurse practitioner, the doctors removed 75 percent of Winter’s stomach during the weight-loss surgery.

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After having the surgery, Winter didn’t just wait to lose weight. She started working out to achieve her fitness goals and posted regular weight-loss updates on her Instagram. She can be seen sweating in the gym during weight training and cardio sessions. One of her latest Instagram posts shows her lifting at least 15 pounds and cycling at the fastest speed. Winter’s workout pictures and videos suggest that she has been moving around her body a lot. She has now become used to the difficult exercises, which require a great deal of physical strength. One of her Instagram followers complimented her by writing, “Super proud to be able to see you grow into such an inspirational woman.”

Winter has also become mindful about what she eats. She has been following a healthy diet to lose weight after her surgery. The young reality star can also be spotted doing yoga, which helps her stretch her body and feel relaxed after a heavy workout. People usually appreciate reality stars who lose weight naturally, but Winter’s weight-loss journey has also received tons of compliments online. Fans think she has been working really hard to achieve weight-loss results even though she opted for an artificial way to get slimmer. The Family Chantel viewers wish Winter all the best in her fitness journey.

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